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Plume 2.10 available


As promised, here is the release of Plume, Bonjour Plume! Quelle joie de te rencontrer! Touiteur is now gone and will probably rest in peace, your tweets will say via Plume. You will also quickly notice that we have made a few general improvements on the stability and the speed of the application. As usual, the update is available in the Android Market.

Here is the full changelog:

2.10 – 23rd December 2010
- rename Touiteur to Plume
- add native retweet support in the widgets
- add the possibility to import saved settings from the wizard (after installation)
- add the delete/replies/share/clipboard functions from the profile view
- faster and more reliable picture cache
- general speed improvements (less lag)
- fix occasional loss of connection for 15 minutes
- fix the profile picture preview size
- fix the scrollable widget counter update
- fix do not reorder the follower/following list
- fix show when the tweet is sending in the widget
- fix some translations

Adieu Touiteur, Bonjour Plume!


Twitter contacted us a few days ago requesting that we change the name of Touiteur because it could create a confusion with their service. We took the opportunity to change the name to something else and have been accepting suggestions from people, which helped us to pick a new name with more than 5000 voters in a short timeline.

Welcome to Plume! For the occasion, we are revealing the new logo which is a slight variation of the old one.

An updated version of Touiteur/Plume will be released shortly (probably tomorrow) reflecting the name change, but also with a lot of optimizations and bugfixes compared to the market version. Once the version is released in the market, we will reflect the change on Twitter and tweets will be sent « Via Plume » instead of « Via Touiteur ». Then the last step will be to modify the website according to the name change!

Many thanks for your continued support!

Touiteur 2.0 is available!


After two months of work, we are proud to present the latest version of our Twitter client, Touiteur 2.0! Many people requested features has been added such as new beautiful scrollable widgets, swipe navigation, the ability to mute users/words/clients, an integrated picture viewer, and much more!

LevelUp Studio is commited to provide you with one of the best mobile twitter client available and will continue to forge its reputation by releasing new versions with new features at an incredible rate, and listen to people in order to provide the best user interface and experience possible on mobile. Remember to suggest and vote for the upcoming feature here.

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Our Website has Level Up!


It was time to bring on a new website, the old one was feeling rather old, and honestly I could not handle Drupal anymore. So this time we are giving a time to WordPress, so far it is really excellent. I will try to fill this blog from time to time, and will use it to announce new releases and discuss about things we like.

I already want to apologize for the English we produce, but hey, we are French, and everyone know that we are not good at english! Stay tuned, today we are going to announce a new release! I have to admit, this is not faire, lot of people, especially our beloved beta testers know what it is!