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Support for your mobile projects

Now a days, there are three major mobile platforms : iOS (Apple), Android (Google) and Windows Phone (Microsoft). Whether your project is a final product, a branding component, a sale medium or a part of a global product strategy, each platform has its specific features that have to be well known.

What feature are worth considering for your project? Should it be made with native development, responsive web or a multi-platform solution? How should your product be distributed on the different application stores? Should your product be paid, freemium or totally free? Should you use a back-end? Should your project target smartphone and tablets? Should it be evolving, in what order and for what goals? Is it possible to include users’ feedback in your product development? Should you plan maintenance? How to do user support? How to efficiently include advertising? Should you propose in-app purchases?
A mobile product development can become really complex because the solution will depend on the project nature, the targeted users and the aimed platforms. Our expertise is at your disposal to help you to define the most adapted and efficient solution for your activity.


UX/UI conception

User Experience (UX) defines how the final users will interact with your product. This is the point where the features, the ergonomics and the User Interface (UI) will meet. This is crucial to be sure that your application is easy to use and to understand. Because the UX influence your users’ feelings, this is a decisive element to validate your business goals. We will bring you our expertise to give life to your ideas and to create, with you, the best possible user experience.

Each platform (iOS, Android, Windows Phone/Windows 8) is unique. Too many projects think that mobile is a unique product. Differentiate each OS, know how they are used, their good practices and distinguish the tablet experience and the phone’s one are the key to guide your users more effectively to your strategic goal. Our expertise on the 3 platforms will allow us to efficiently support you for the conception, whatever the market you target.

Mobile has become a fashion object and, as the web, application design has to follow some graphic and ergonomic rules and have to fit into visual and usage trends. Whether it is a business project or a general use product, an application has to be easily understandable and usable but also to be clear and pleasant-looking. We can bring this graphic competence in the implementation of your project.


Developing your product

Technical development of your product is a critical point of your project. It will determine if your product is maintainable, if the evolution is easy to do and overall the performance and responsiveness of your application.

Our team is made of experienced developers who have built their expertise and their level of requirement on our edition products. We have experts on each platform for native development.

Our enthusiast and expert developers are constantly updating their knowledge on the mobile technology which is quickly evolving. Our engineers are also really engaged in technical knowledge sharing and participate to numerous events and organizations dealing with mobile development.

Thanks to our unique expertise in France, we can help you build your project from prototype to the final development or even be the technical lead of your team.