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Your Extendable News Reader

Powered by Feedly or RSS/Atom feeds, follow your favorites blogs, websites and build your dose of daily news. A personalized news reader just for you, on Android.

News for everything

No matter which topic/blog/website you want to read, find it with Palabre, and manage your RSS feeds or Feedly subscriptions easily. Add your Feedly account, find content based on your interests, or add any RSS feed using our search engine.

Interested in reading stories from the NYTimes, CNN, people magazine, BuzzFeed or Worldwide stories? Or your favorite websites are tech blogs, geek stuffs or video games? Palabre will be your perfect news reader for every topics or blogs you want to follow. Our favorites are from tech news, video games, android, what’s yours?

Features everywhere

Why would you want to use Palabre? Or why would you switch to it? There are no risks using it, the application is free to download and there are no limitations. We just want to provide the best news reader experience for everyone.

  • Feedly synchronization. Keep in sync your read, saved, categories and subscriptions with Feedly website
  • Use local RSS mode, no account required
  • Extend the application capabilities with Palabre extensions, which can add support for other services such as Inoreader, Twitter, Flickr or The Old Reader.
  • Multiple display layouts, choose the one you prefer between a beautiful magazine layout, large cards or a list
  • Complete offline reading, read entire articles with pictures with no Internet connection
  • Unclutter complete articles from the original website, so you can read them without being distracted
  • Save for later using Pocket or Instapaper
  • Beautiful set of widgets, highly customizable notifications
  • Dark theme, lot of customizations, font options
  • Great tablet support, especially on 7″ devices
  • Android Wear support that will display the latest popular news
  • Material Design UX language
  • Chrome custom tabs integration

Extend Palabre with new provider

We have developed a software development kit that allow any Android developer to add more services to Palabre. This is how we added support for The Old Reader, Inoreader or Twitter. So if you are interested in adding support for another service, head over Github where you can download the development kit, but also access the source code for our current plugins.