Beautiful Widgets unveils new features

Today, we want to show you more about the new Beautiful Widgets !

One of the new feature that we particulary love is the new way to set your favorite locations on your clocks. As usual, you’ll be able to enter your location manually or use the geolocation, but it will be possible to use the Google map, zoom on your location and just tap the name of the city you want to add in your list. Continue reading

New Game Project

Besides Beautiful Widgets, Plume or Peti, our proud and brave developers are actually working on a new exciting game.
This is the time for us to give you a first look on this future game environment. So here’s – drumroll – the first secret project sketch !

New Beautiful Widgets in Action !

It’s time for us to show a little more about our next version of Beautiful Widgets. This week, we are proud to present a new feature that’ll be available soon. And as a picture can sometime be more relevant than words, here’s one !

Beautiful Widgets is getting ready for the future of Android

Since several months, we have been working on a brand new version of Beautiful Widgets. Our developers are actually rewriting the application to be fully in agreement with the new Android Guidelines. You will find a lot of new features within Beautiful Widgets and also a new eye-candy and user-friendly design. You will be able to use, of course, all of the themes that are actually available on the Theme Market.

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Beautiful Widget 4.0 with Multi-Forecast and Web Skin Market

We are proud to release a new version of Beautiful Widgets.
While you can find a lot of clock and weather applications for Android, you are often limited by the customizations possibilities. Beautiful Widgets provides the best and biggest skins database, but as we thought it was not enough to satisfy your needs, we are releasing ou Web Skins Market: : .
You will be able to browse the skins :

1 million downloads of Beautiful Widgets

Big events happen at the same time.

We celebrated, yesterday, 10 billions downloads with Google on Android Market. For this occasion, Beautiful Widgets was available for only 10ct (on each money) for 24 hours.

Now, we are proud to announce that Beautiful Widgets is the first paid application reaching one million downloads on Android Market.

For this occasion, we offer many information about Beautiful Widgets and LevelUp Studio. Please, read the following infographics.

For your friends, who are not using Beautiful Widgets, you can find always the application on Android Market.

Plume 2.80 Released

It has been a while since we updated Plume! We have been very busy working on a few new important features, and ensure that it works with Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich. you will be pleased to hear that from now, once Plume is in the foreground, you will get realtime updates in your timeline. We are working hard to getting it to work in the background (in fact we need access to Twitter Site Stream which is in closed beta), this will be added as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, we have also added some features that you have waited for a long time, such as an internal outbox system so you can tweet and do most of the things even with no internet connection, the events will be queued and executed when possible. We thought that was not enough, we added the possibility to add a comment to uploaded pictures, but also support for Tweetmarker to synchronize your timeline position between devices and systems. You can add to the list the fact that we have fixed many bugs and improved performances, with the hope that we did not add too much of them!

Many thanks to all the translators and people that helped to beta test so many versions, we appreciate it!

Read the full changelog.  Continue reading

LevelUp Studio, Beautiful Widgets and Plume are on Facebook

If you are using Beautiful Widgets, Plume or Foxyring you may want to tell it to your friends and read information about your favorite application.

Now, you can share you happiness with our apps with all your Facebook friends. It is easy. Click on your favorite app picture and click on “Like”.

With the Facebook pages, you will see the new feature in the apps before updated on your phone. For Beautiful Widget, you can discover new skins for your clock, weather or toggle favorite widgets.

If you love all apps, love our team too. You will be in touch to know when new apps will be released.

Plume is updated, and optimized for tablets

After a lot of work and weeks of work engaged in porting Plume to tablet along with Android 3.0, we finally arrived at a state where it was possible to do a first public release after the beta phase. We are proud to announce that Plume is the first fully featured Twitter client for Android that has been ported to Android 3.0 with an interface especially designed for tablets! Also we managed to keep Plume compatible with all devices starting from Android 1.5 up to Android 3.0 and more. Plume 2.5 has been released and is available to all Android users for free! Continue reading

Beautiful Widgets 3.5: Honeycomb and Moon phases

Beautiful Widgets on a Xoom

We a proud to announce that after a whole month of work, we were able to port Beautiful Widgets successfully on Android 3.0 alias Honeycomb! It required a lot of changes in order to support the new API, fortunately Google helped a bit with their library to support what we call “Fragments” even on older Android devices. Fragments are portions of the user interface that can be reused and it now the new standard in developing for Android.

The challenge was mainly to be able to support the new Android tablet while not breaking the user experience on smaller devices, and as we wanted to also please them, we added a few new features so everyone can benefit of the new version! That was the occasion to add a feature requested since a long time: moon phases. Not only we added the current phase, but you can now also know when and what are the next phases.

Moon phases

We also added a lot of small features and optimizations, most of you might not even notice them, but the most important is the ability to change the date format, or to sort the skin list without doing another query on the server. A lot of bug have been squashed.

We sincerely hope that you will love this new release, we keep improving Beautiful Widgets since the first release 20 months ago.

Unfortunately we had to remove Android 1.5 support, which was mandatory in order to move forward…

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