Plume 2.80 Released

It has been a while since we updated Plume! We have been very busy working on a few new important features, and ensure that it works with Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich. you will be pleased to hear that from now, once Plume is in the foreground, you will get realtime updates in your timeline. We are working hard to getting it to work in the background (in fact we need access to Twitter Site Stream which is in closed beta), this will be added as soon as possible. In the meanwhile, we have also added some features that you have waited for a long time, such as an internal outbox system so you can tweet and do most of the things even with no internet connection, the events will be queued and executed when possible. We thought that was not enough, we added the possibility to add a comment to uploaded pictures, but also support for Tweetmarker to synchronize your timeline position between devices and systems. You can add to the list the fact that we have fixed many bugs and improved performances, with the hope that we did not add too much of them!

Many thanks to all the translators and people that helped to beta test so many versions, we appreciate it!

Read the full changelog. 

2.80 – 6th December 2011 – add support for Twitter Streaming for instantaneous updates when Plume is launched. 
In the background, Plume is still polling every X minutes for now.
– add an outbox to queue message sending, retweet, favorite, etc even with no connection
– add support for using your tweet as a comment to an uploaded picture on the hosting server
– add TweetMarker support to save/restore your reading position across multiple devices (off by default)
– add support for position restoration on saved search
– add support for position restoration on lists
– add xhdpi support
– revamped a few user interface graphics to be more modern
– fix support for Android 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich
– fix some missing tweets that contain the same link multiple times
– fix the switch view (for multiple accounts)
– fix the saved search reloading
– many more fixes