Beautiful Widget 4.0 with Multi-Forecast and Web Skin Market

We are proud to release a new version of Beautiful Widgets.
While you can find a lot of clock and weather applications for Android, you are often limited by the customizations possibilities. Beautiful Widgets provides the best and biggest skins database, but as we thought it was not enough to satisfy your needs, we are releasing ou Web Skins Market: : .
You will be able to browse the skins :
You can select a skin to see the dedicated page. You can :
– view a HD preview
– rate the skin
– change to another skin from the same set (changes on color)
– share on your favorite social networks
Now it is time for you to install Beautiful Widgets and watch the new features:
You can synchronize your device with the Beautiful Widgets Web Market. On the latest, log in with the same Google account that you are using on your device. Now you are able to push every skin to your device by the cloud.
You do not want to be synchronized with our servers ? No problem, just display the QR code for the skin, scan it on your device, and the download will start automatically.
Not enough for you ?
Have a look on our powerful new machine: the Skin Mixer. Mix existing skins into a unique one. Obviously, you will also be able to send it to your phone by the cloud.
That was for the skins, but what about standard functions of a clock and weather application ?
We added a feature demanded from ou since? a long time : multi-forecast. Now you can add multiple locations in Beautiful Widgets and see all the forecast with a unique screen, by sliding between each of them.
Please, find the application on Google Play Store : and the press kit here : .
New awesome features will arrive again in next versions. We love Beautiful Widgets and work on it every days for improving the user experience.

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