7 Things Your Android Can Do And You Didn’t Know

Everyone who owns a mobile phone thinks to use it at its most. It's pretty natural – after some time that you have a cell phone and you use it every day, you begin feeling confident with your new tool. But do you really think that mobiles can do only calls and send texts, beyond taking shots and recording videos? Of course, you already know that a cell phone can do even more than these things.

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Discover These Things That Your Android Can Do

No matter how expert you think you are, there are always new facts to learn about anything and your Smartphone isn't an exception to this life rule. Android mobiles come with a list of features. Each feature is very useful, but not all users are aware of their existence! In fact, while certain mobile features are used every day, others are completely ignored. And that's a pity as you could do so much more if you knew about those hidden functions.

If you are curious to know what your Android can do and you don't know yet, just get the following list of things that you should learn straight away to get to use your Android at its best:

  1. You can access tabs that are open on your desktop's Chrome, which is the basic browser used by Android phones. All you have to do to open the tabs that you opened on your desktop, sign in to your Chrome account and your Android will do all the rest for you opening the tabs on devices you are already signed in to.

  2. Even without having your phone you can… send and receive texts. It sounds crazy, but it's true and you can do that by using the third-arty app "Mighty Text". Imagine you've left your phone at home: you can still send a text and view your media messages from/to your phone through your web browser.

  3. You can find other phones for sharing content instantly with Android Beam. Maybe you've already heard of Android Beam. If you haven't yet, know that it's a function that can change the way you share your content through your mobile. With Android Beam, you can share anything in real-time, like apps, music, videos, photos, and a few more items. To activate this function, look in your mobile's setting, select "more" and enable NFC.Android voice search

  4. Many people think that only iPhone devices use voice searches, but it's not true: Android phones can do it, either. You can activate this function by going on Google search and clicking on the microphone icon, say "OK Google" to text a message, send an email, or search for almost anything on the internet the same way you do when you type in the search bar. This function turns out to be very useful when you can't use both hands to hold your phone and type at the same time.

  5. If you look at your mobile's screen, it keeps bright and awake. To be honest, this is a Samsung feature, but you can find it on other phones, as well. The name of this function is "Smart Stay" and it allows you to keep your mobile bright just by looking at it. This function can be activated from the setting, select "display", and you'll find the function.

  6. Your Android can display your contact information on your home screen. It's a cool function in the case you lost your phone and someone found it. By getting your contact information, anyone can return your phone to you. You can activate this function from the setting, select "security", click on "show owner info on lock screen", now you only have to enter your information.

  7. If you are tired of the same color scheme of your Android, know that you can easily invert colors by going to settings, clicking on "accessibility", and selecting "negative colors". This way, your phone will look reading-friendly at night and you'll avoid too much eye strain.

What's unique about your Android is that there are even more functions that are hidden into it. Take your time to dig into your Android system and discover how many more things you can do with your phone.