5 Top Most Popular Mobile eSports Games To Try

Overview Of The Mobile Gaming Expansion

Although mobile esports represents one of the most growing gaming segments of our days, up to 10 years ago it was still considered to be a “casual” experience to engage in. But the recent development of this segment during the last 5 years clearly means that the mobile gaming field is expected to boom and gain plenty of space in both the gaming industry and mobile industry. There are actually mobile phones that are designed to make the user enjoy a great gaming experience, which shows pretty well that both industries go hand in hand.

There’s no doubt about the brilliant future that the mobile esports field deserves starting from the present day. In places like China, South Korea, India, and other Southeast Asiatic countries, mobile esports tournaments are already established reality, while Europe and North America are also running after Asia.

As a general consideration, the mobile esports fields can be divided into three groups: car and strategy games; first-person shooter games; and MOBA games. As you can see, there’s quite enough for everyone and that’s what makes this segment grow in popularity among users of different cultures and ages.

Best eSports Game Titles To Keep In Mind

You may also follow dedicated events and expos worldwide to stay a step forward than anyone else. Esports experts seem to agree quite well that the current year is one of the most exciting for mobile esports games. Either you are an amateur of this genre of games or you are a beginner who wants to learn more, we warmly suggest to you check the following titles that represent the most popular and biggest games in the mobile esports fields:

  1. PUBG Mobile Pro League 2021
    This game is expected to be the leading biggest product in the mobile esports genres. If you want to tell it in numbers, keep in mind that the popular mobile battle royale already earned something like $2.6 billion in 2020. Also, this game already got 1 billion views on top of more than 100 million hours watched. The new 2021 version is going to get 7 new countries: CIS, Turkey, western Europe, North America, South America.
  2. Clash Royale League 2021clash royale league 2021
    Without any doubt, this is one of the first esports games returning to its origins. This means that you are going to see relevant changes during 2021, according to what its developer Supercell revealed in recent times. We can anticipate that the main change consists in a return to the individual one-versus-one competition model without any teams. The competition accepts participants from all over the world for the largest prize ever-existing: $1.6 million for the first prize.
  3. Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2021
    Experts are pretty sure when they foresee that this game’s developer Activision promises a new competitive scene that is expected to attract more players and viewers. The game is being almost constantly added with new features and elements like new weapons, which is something that any high-skilled player will surely want to try.
  4. League of Legends: Wild Rift
    This game was first released in 2020 in a limited number of regions, so Wild Rift can be considered as a recent game. However, it’s already attracting the attention of a lot of players probably because it’s a mobile version of one of the most competitive games in this world, that is League of Legends. As you can understand, the first year of the existence of this game is going to drive its potential path from now on.
  5. Garena Free Fire Esports 2021
    There are pretty high chances that this game is not very popular in Europe and North America, but in the rest of the world it turns out to be one of the most preferred in the field of mobile battle royale games. One of the most impressive numbers about this game is that it records over 80 million daily users all over the world, in particular, in India and Southeast Asia. Another feature of this esports game is that it consists of two different tournament sections, one for India and the other one for Malaysia.

If you haven’t enough with mobile esports game titles to try, consider other competitions in 2021 like Mobile Legends, Brawl Stars, Arena of Valor, along with a few more.

According to experts, it seems that 2021 is promising well for the development of new mobile esports. If you already are a passionate follower of esports games, you may find this Japanese site at japanesport.com useful for keeping updated about the latest new trends in this specific segment.