Top App Retention And User Engagement Strategies

User engagement and app retention are major metrics defining the success of any app. However, achieving the desired app engagement for mobile apps is quite difficult given that there are several competitors in the same niche pitching to the same target audience. You need to work as a team and prepare proper app retention and user engagement strategy to ensure that your user app stays ahead of its peers.

App Retention And User Engagement Strategies 

Some of the top app retention strategies that have been tried and tested by small and big businesses alike, showing positive results, are listed as below:


If your app is such that you can have some loyalty programs, rewards, or offers for the users, go ahead with it. It does not just make your app more interactive for the users, but also shows your company in a better light. By providing incentives for the users, you promote your brand to them and they tend to understand the importance of it. Freemium products, discounts, in-app purchases, and rewards can be good ways of engaging the users and monetizing the situation.

In fact, mobile betting apps use this technique to provide information to new sports betting players in countries such as Africa, where sports betting is now just becoming popular.

Having in-app games, quizzes and other methods of rewarding can also prove to be beneficial in case of user retention and engagement. Weight out the various strategies and options available and decide which of them work best for your app. Mix and match multiple processes to create better app retention, user engagement and create more sticky customers.

app retention

Simplify The Onboarding Process

The onboarding process is the first thing that the user goes through after installing your app. This process needs to be as smooth and as user-friendly as possible so that they can complete it within a couple of minutes. The more complicated the onboarding process is, the better are your chances that the customer will stay on your app to complete it and go on with the further procedures.

For this, you can reduce the number of steps for the onboarding process or have a video-assisted demo to guide the users through the onboarding process. You can also have some videos or images to reveal some of the app features they might be experiencing.

Have In-App Messages

You can go for in-app messages and notifications for the users as a call to the action method. It is easier for the user to keep track of the next course of action and the actions pending on the app to complete an event. It is an effective way for most top brands to communicate with their users. Make sure that the user’s expectations from the app are taken care of. Over time you will be able to understand what the user requirements are in a better way. It can be a stepping stone for you to make your app better and re-launch it for a better version of itself.

Making The Best Use Of Push Notifications

Push notifications can act as an added mode of communication with the users. It has proved to be a good way to keep in touch with the users and let them know that you are by their side all along their journey through the app. You can have a welcome message template ready for your customers that is sent as they complete their onboarding process. There could be push notifications to inform them about various actions on the app as well. Interacting with the users can also help you re-engage them in the app if they were planning to abandon it for whatever be the reason.

Keep All Communication Channel Open

Make sure to build your app in such a way that it makes you approachable to the user. It is a good idea to keep two-way communication open. You can have a ‘Call-back’ button, an official Email ID, a query form, or other modes in which the customer or the app user can communicate with you in case of any issues or requirements. It will allow you to understand the problem statement better and provide a better solution for the customers in the future. Two-way communication will also help you built a relationship with the user and help you grow sticky customers. Researches have shown the customers tend to respond better if they know you can. If you make your product/service approachable for the customers, you will see that the customers are more interested in them and interact more on the app.

7 Things Your Android Can Do And You Didn’t Know

Everyone who owns a mobile phone thinks to use it at its most. It's pretty natural – after some time that you have a cell phone and you use it every day, you begin feeling confident with your new tool. But do you really think that mobiles can do only calls and send texts, beyond taking shots and recording videos? Of course, you already know that a cell phone can do even more than these things.

One of the most pleasant things you can do with your Smartphone is playing online or video games. All you have to do is to look for your favorite games online, download them, and start the game every time that you want. You can also check dedicated websites like to find out more games to try, since the gaming industry is an ever-evolving field, you can discover new games each month.

Discover These Things That Your Android Can Do

No matter how expert you think you are, there are always new facts to learn about anything and your Smartphone isn't an exception to this life rule. Android mobiles come with a list of features. Each feature is very useful, but not all users are aware of their existence! In fact, while certain mobile features are used every day, others are completely ignored. And that's a pity as you could do so much more if you knew about those hidden functions.

If you are curious to know what your Android can do and you don't know yet, just get the following list of things that you should learn straight away to get to use your Android at its best:

  1. You can access tabs that are open on your desktop's Chrome, which is the basic browser used by Android phones. All you have to do to open the tabs that you opened on your desktop, sign in to your Chrome account and your Android will do all the rest for you opening the tabs on devices you are already signed in to.

  2. Even without having your phone you can… send and receive texts. It sounds crazy, but it's true and you can do that by using the third-arty app "Mighty Text". Imagine you've left your phone at home: you can still send a text and view your media messages from/to your phone through your web browser.

  3. You can find other phones for sharing content instantly with Android Beam. Maybe you've already heard of Android Beam. If you haven't yet, know that it's a function that can change the way you share your content through your mobile. With Android Beam, you can share anything in real-time, like apps, music, videos, photos, and a few more items. To activate this function, look in your mobile's setting, select "more" and enable NFC.Android voice search

  4. Many people think that only iPhone devices use voice searches, but it's not true: Android phones can do it, either. You can activate this function by going on Google search and clicking on the microphone icon, say "OK Google" to text a message, send an email, or search for almost anything on the internet the same way you do when you type in the search bar. This function turns out to be very useful when you can't use both hands to hold your phone and type at the same time.

  5. If you look at your mobile's screen, it keeps bright and awake. To be honest, this is a Samsung feature, but you can find it on other phones, as well. The name of this function is "Smart Stay" and it allows you to keep your mobile bright just by looking at it. This function can be activated from the setting, select "display", and you'll find the function.

  6. Your Android can display your contact information on your home screen. It's a cool function in the case you lost your phone and someone found it. By getting your contact information, anyone can return your phone to you. You can activate this function from the setting, select "security", click on "show owner info on lock screen", now you only have to enter your information.

  7. If you are tired of the same color scheme of your Android, know that you can easily invert colors by going to settings, clicking on "accessibility", and selecting "negative colors". This way, your phone will look reading-friendly at night and you'll avoid too much eye strain.

What's unique about your Android is that there are even more functions that are hidden into it. Take your time to dig into your Android system and discover how many more things you can do with your phone.


Control Your Home Remotely With an App!

With the advancement of technology, most of the things around us have got automated. There are multiple devices available in the markets that can help us improve our living standards. Modern-day technology has enabled us to bring out some of the best and useful home gadgets that are not just any gadget but can be controlled by your smartphones, android, and iOS devices with the help of certain apps.  These gadgets and their remote controls have helped up make our life easier and more convenient. Read on to know about the different popular apps for controlling home gadgets are as follows:

smart home apps

Google Home

It is a smart home app from Google which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Many smart home gadgets are compatible with Google Home. These devices include basic home devices such as cameras, lights, and fans, along with third-party apps connected to the Google Home platform. You can control all these devices and more with the Google Home app.

Apple Home

Apple Home is also an amazing app that has been in the market for a while. It is a complete smart home automation kit with a user-friendly interface. It can work equally well with Apple smart home devices along with any other compatible smart home device. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to handle any aspect of your home easily. You can create ‘scenes’ that make you effectively perform multiple actions at a time. The security and the efficiency of the app are worth mentioning.

Smart Things

The home automation app from Samsung, Smart Things, has paved its way to immense success in the present scenario. It is one of the best home automation apps available that can be used with ease by the user. It is a great effort by Samsung to bring to the market their home automation app along with compatible devices that stand quite strong among the competition.

Amazon Alexa

It is one of the best home control apps with easy setup and use. It is probably the simplest and the most used home automation device at present. You can use this device to listen to music, create shopping lists, control home lighting and fan systems, and whatnot. It is compatible with both iOS and Android systems, making it a very effective and useful home automation app where you can control things around your home in just a few clicks.


The other such less popular but in-use home automation systems include:

  • Ecobee
  • Philips Hue
  • Honeywell Home
  • Wemo
  • Danalock Bluetooth Z lock

What Can You Control With The Home Automation Systems?

Some important things you can control with these home automation systems apart from listening to music and playing videos, or making calls are as follows:

  • Remote Home Security: You can control the home security system you have installed. It is subjected to the fact that the home security system should be compatible with your home automation device.
  • Control All appliances: If you have smart appliances at home, you can control them with ease with the help of these home automation apps in just a few clicks.
  • Synchronize the lights and fans and control them: the various home automation system allows you to control your fans lights and other gadgets in the rooms.
  • Have voice control functions: Most home automation systems have voice control functions that can be aligned to the various processes you wish your home automation device to perform.

Remote Home Security

Home automation has taken the world by storm, with various companies trying to enter the home automation market with their user-friendly apps and easy-to-use app interfaces.  Along with the giants in the industry such as Google, Apple, Amazon, and Samsung, smaller players such as Wemo and Philips are also making their presence in the market felt.  Undoubtedly, home automation apps have paved the way for remote home security. You can operate your appliances, switch on and off lights, monitor CCTV cameras and do much more with remote home security apps.

If you are looking ahead to solve your home gadget requirements with just a click, there would be several apps to assist you. Learn about the features of each app before you start incorporating them in remotely controlling your home devices and appliances.  Understandably, technology is great and all, but it could backfire at times. However, if your security system somehow stops working or starts malfunctioning, you may need to hire emergency locksmith services. These services provide emergency home and car lockout service and are available 24/7.

5 Top Most Popular Mobile eSports Games To Try

Overview Of The Mobile Gaming Expansion

Although mobile esports represents one of the most growing gaming segments of our days, up to 10 years ago it was still considered to be a “casual” experience to engage in. But the recent development of this segment during the last 5 years clearly means that the mobile gaming field is expected to boom and gain plenty of space in both the gaming industry and mobile industry. There are actually mobile phones that are designed to make the user enjoy a great gaming experience, which shows pretty well that both industries go hand in hand.

There’s no doubt about the brilliant future that the mobile esports field deserves starting from the present day. In places like China, South Korea, India, and other Southeast Asiatic countries, mobile esports tournaments are already established reality, while Europe and North America are also running after Asia.

As a general consideration, the mobile esports fields can be divided into three groups: car and strategy games; first-person shooter games; and MOBA games. As you can see, there’s quite enough for everyone and that’s what makes this segment grow in popularity among users of different cultures and ages.

Best eSports Game Titles To Keep In Mind

You may also follow dedicated events and expos worldwide to stay a step forward than anyone else. Esports experts seem to agree quite well that the current year is one of the most exciting for mobile esports games. Either you are an amateur of this genre of games or you are a beginner who wants to learn more, we warmly suggest to you check the following titles that represent the most popular and biggest games in the mobile esports fields:

  1. PUBG Mobile Pro League 2021
    This game is expected to be the leading biggest product in the mobile esports genres. If you want to tell it in numbers, keep in mind that the popular mobile battle royale already earned something like $2.6 billion in 2020. Also, this game already got 1 billion views on top of more than 100 million hours watched. The new 2021 version is going to get 7 new countries: CIS, Turkey, western Europe, North America, South America.
  2. Clash Royale League 2021clash royale league 2021
    Without any doubt, this is one of the first esports games returning to its origins. This means that you are going to see relevant changes during 2021, according to what its developer Supercell revealed in recent times. We can anticipate that the main change consists in a return to the individual one-versus-one competition model without any teams. The competition accepts participants from all over the world for the largest prize ever-existing: $1.6 million for the first prize.
  3. Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2021
    Experts are pretty sure when they foresee that this game’s developer Activision promises a new competitive scene that is expected to attract more players and viewers. The game is being almost constantly added with new features and elements like new weapons, which is something that any high-skilled player will surely want to try.
  4. League of Legends: Wild Rift
    This game was first released in 2020 in a limited number of regions, so Wild Rift can be considered as a recent game. However, it’s already attracting the attention of a lot of players probably because it’s a mobile version of one of the most competitive games in this world, that is League of Legends. As you can understand, the first year of the existence of this game is going to drive its potential path from now on.
  5. Garena Free Fire Esports 2021
    There are pretty high chances that this game is not very popular in Europe and North America, but in the rest of the world it turns out to be one of the most preferred in the field of mobile battle royale games. One of the most impressive numbers about this game is that it records over 80 million daily users all over the world, in particular, in India and Southeast Asia. Another feature of this esports game is that it consists of two different tournament sections, one for India and the other one for Malaysia.

If you haven’t enough with mobile esports game titles to try, consider other competitions in 2021 like Mobile Legends, Brawl Stars, Arena of Valor, along with a few more.

According to experts, it seems that 2021 is promising well for the development of new mobile esports. If you already are a passionate follower of esports games, you may find this Japanese site at useful for keeping updated about the latest new trends in this specific segment.


Quick Tips For Novice Mobile Game Developers


Mobile games offer, without a doubt, one of the most generous markets out there when it comes to making a fine profit. With an almost endless number of popular titles like Candy Crush or Angry Birds, their ability to inspire is irrefutable and undeniable. In fact, the impact that these apps have had on the game-loving public worldwide has convinced millions of app developers, passionate fans of gaming, and people who do not have much in common with either gaming nor app development to start working on their own mobile gaming apps.

Mobile game development is definitely a profitable business when done the right way. More than 6 out of 10 smartphone users normally complete the installation of at least one game in the first 7 days after buying a mobile phone. In other words, we are talking about a huge market potential here that is worth harnessing. If you would like to get started on this exciting trip on your own, here are a few useful tips that we think you should first consider.

Developing A Good Gaming App Is Not A Walk In The Park

Unfortunately, only a small number of mobile games developers are able to also recover their app development-related expenses. This is mainly true because developing successful mobile games is not as easy as it might sound to some people. You will need to figure out how to design a game that is not only fun to play, but also profitable for the targeted markets you plan on addressing.

Secondly, you will need to work at creating the most captivating type of gameplay possible and understand what is the best way of monetizing it. In order to do this, you will need to learn how to systematize your process using the most advanced framework possible.

Come Up With A Bomb Idea

Find interesting, unique, or innovative ideas for your game’s theme and action. There are no strict rules or guidelines to follow when searching for or generating such an idea, but you could try to think of the most engaging ideas that you would personally like to see put into a mobile app. Whether you would like to develop a cool, sports-themed game of slots like the ones you can see on top mobile casinos or you wish to cater to the needs of puzzle aficionados, the choice is yours.

Now think about whether this particular game idea would also look and sound appealing enough to the large masses. Do you think you could sell your game for real money or offer it as a freebie, but sell game tokens instead to make a profit?

Take as much time as you need to make sure you will come up with the absolute best idea that will tick all these boxes. You could try to improvise using game ideas that already exist instead of coming up with brand new ideas on your own. As long as you can manage to create a brand new type of gaming experience for players on the go, you should enjoy the success you are looking for.

Turn Into A Talented Storyteller

Now that you have found a smart idea to develop and run with, you should focus on creating the most captivating story to go along with it. This means giving a purpose to the adventure players are about to embark on by finding a meaningful ending for it at the end of the game. Here is how you can achieve this:

  • Figure out who is the hero and the antagonist villain in your story.
  • Decide what are their strongest points and most vulnerable characteristics.
  • Establish what is the reason why they are fighting one another.
  • Carefully plan the way your hero will reach his or her victory.

Make Your Game Addictivemobile game apps

Make sure you add the addictive factor to your story so you can retain as many players as possible since day one: make your game easy, ensure the action unfolds quick enough, make the game as you engaging as possible with the help of a style that imitates real life, and make sure to gradually increase the game’s level of difficulty. Keep in mind most players will usually lose their interest in long games, so do whatever you can to keep them interested by creating shorter game levels featuring loads of content they need to unlock. Also, add lots of freebies and do periodical game updates.

Choose Your Platform

The more, the merrier. Make your new mobile game compatible with the most popular platforms and operating systems and try not to neglect Windows or Blackberry while focusing on the more obvious iOS and Android options.

Do some market research and find out which operating system would be most profitable for your future players and make it your priority. Choose multiple platforms if you think your players will spread across several of these OSs.

Finally, opt for a cool 3D design or a simple, flat layout for your game and choose in-app purchases, ads, or premium game versions as monetizing solutions.

7 Things To Know Before Buying A Mobile Phone

Having a mobile is for sure one of the most useful things in this world. Keep in mind that today’s society is always more internet-dominated, which means that not having the possibility to connect to the internet may mean a lot of disadvantages.

Mobile Phones And Everyday Life

Digitalization comes with its positive and negative sides, not different than any other thing. Quick and comfortable purchases, safer financial transactions, real-time communication are just a few of the most relevant positive aspects that have been introduced in our lives by the growth of digitalization.

However, the story is not ended here. There are several negative aspects to take into account, too. For example, you have to spend some money to buy tools and devices that enable you to connect to the internet. If you don’t need any particular device and you want to save money by getting just one all-in-one device, you should consider buying a mobile phone. With a mobile phone in your hands, you can easily type a message on social media and get replies in real-time, you can download movies or cartoons, you can read e-books, news blogs, and a lot of cool manga from Japanese, a specialized manga-dedicated site for all passionate people who aim to keep updated about the latest manga episodes.

A mobile phone may help you purchase items in no time: just visit an e-commerce platform, compare prices, choose your favorite item, and buy it in a couple of seconds. You can visit websites and know more about businesses, everyday facts, and a lot more.

What To Look For Before Buying A Cell Phone

So, you are going to buy your first mobile phone. But the number of available models and brands on the market are seriously intimidating… picking the right choice may be harder than you thought.

If you feel frustrated about buying a cell phone, don’t worry anymore, and just get our checklist of all the things to keep in mind when looking for a cell phone around:

  1. Memorymobile user
    This is one of the most relevant elements in a cell phone. If you want to download apps, images, and other content from the internet, you should look for a mobile with generous storage. In particular, all mobiles are provided with two memories: RAM affects the ease and speed of operations processed by the phone, while ROM refers to the phone’s storage capability and it’s where you will store your images, music, videos, apps, and more.
  2. Processor
    RAM works along with the processor and together they determine the speed and ease of any operation that you start with your phone. In a nutshell, phones with processors that enable high-speed operations are faster, which is vital for users who stream online videos or play online games.
  3. Display
    Almost anyone tends to notice the display resolution and size in a mobile, that’s simply because the display is the first thing your eyes can see of a mobile. If you think you will spend much time streaming videos, you’d better choose a mobile with a large display and a good resolution to support full-HD videos.
  4. Battery
    It’s useless to tell you that stronger battery life can give you more advantages in terms of usability. Of course, if you are a light user, a medium-level battery is pretty fine for you. It all depends on how much you think you will use your mobile.
  5. Camera
    It’s great when you can take a quick shot of an important moment and mobile phones seem to be the most practical and handy tools to use for immortalizing unique moments. Consider that a camera with a high number of megapixels but a small sensor isn’t as good as a camera with the same megapixels and larger sensors. What makes the difference is actually the sensor’s size not really the number of megapixels.
  6. Build materials
    Most phones of our days are made of metal and plastic. But there are some new models in glass-coated materials, as well. As a general consideration, glass-based materials are less tough than metal and plastic, which makes for the phone’s waterproof safety. Also, if you need a practical mobile to use in your everyday life, you should opt for the most resistant materials.
  7. Color
    That’s the most personal feature of a mobile phone. You can find a lot of phones in nice colors like pink, light blue, silver or gold. But if you think you feel more comfortable with classic black, you will find plenty of models featuring this color.

After buying your mobile, make sure to set a password or other security features to protect your confidential content like documents, photos, and other files.


Smartphones for Home Office and Mobile Gaming in 2021

Since the advent of technology introduced smartphones,  have found them to be almost as important as the air we breathe. These gadgets are a part of our day-to-day activities whether it’s socially in terms of communication and expression or even health-wise with the availability of phone apps that can tell you your heart rate or provide fitness updates for you. They are also part of impacting the growth of related industries, not at least gaming. The growth of the mobile gaming industry in Japan clearly correlates with recent developments of Japanese games on Android and iOS platforms. 

One thing is certain, owning a smartphone in the 21st century isn’t a choice, it’s flat-out compulsory once you get to a certain age. The only choice attached might be in terms of brand, operating software, or preferred hardware options of these smartphones. A great smartphone offers a nice screen, a great camera, long-lasting battery life, social networking apps, and gaming. All of this is nice to have but it became clear during the pandemic that it's not enough. Today you also need to be able to do your job using your smartphone and not be dependent on a PC

So, where are we going with this? To be called the best, a smartphone must be a mobile gaming device, a home office, and a social tool all at the same time. Not many phones of today live up to this but regardless of what your needs are, there’s a smartphone for everyone, and choosing the right one shouldn’t be a chore, and if you’re searching for the best smartphone out there in 2021, here are some of the best options.

5. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Ever wanted to use a smartphone that could double as a phone and a tablet, then the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is for you. Folding phones have been available for some time now, but none offers the flexibility of the Fold 2. The 7.6-inch internal tablet display makes gaming and watching videos more exciting, though, the phone is twice as thick as your average smartphone when folded. The size ensures it can be fitted in your pocket quite easily, but Fold 2 is quite delicate with the absence of well-rated water and dust resistance capability.

4. Google’s Pixel 4A 5G

Buying a new smartphone just to get 5G isn’t the smartest decision ever, but the Pixel 4A 5G offers a lot at a competitive starting price of $500 besides it 2021, you should buy a 5G smartphone if you can. The Pixel 4A 5G offers access to a nice and big 6.2-inch screen, a fast-operating Android software, and Google’s wonderfully made Pixel camera.

The Pixel 4A 5G gets timely, new Android software updates directly from Google way ahead of other Android phones. It also possesses a 1080 x 2340 pixels, 6.2 inches display to go along with its 4K video recording capabilities. The Pixel 4A 5G also has a dual back camera arrangement (one 12.2 MegaPixel wide and one 16 MegaPixel ultra wide), along with an 8 Megapixel Selfie camera. The lack of a memory card slot on the Pixel 4A 5G is compensated by an internal memory of 128GB, and a processing memory of 6GB.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy Notebooks have been game-changers since their inception, but only a few smartphones can match the productivity and reliability of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Its massive battery life (4500mAh) ensures you can go from morning till night with heavy usage and your phone doesn’t go off. The Note 20 Ultra has a big 6.9-inch screen to go along with its 4K display and a 120Hz refresh rate which offers an awesome and crispy display.

The USB Type-C on the Note 20 Ultra offers fast charging and good USB power delivery to go along with the reverse wireless charging. The Note 20 Ultra is fully equipped with three cameras (one 108-megapixel wide camera, one 12 megapixel periscope telephoto camera, and a 12-megapixel ultrawide camera) and also one 10 megapixel selfie camera. The phone also allows you to record in 8K, 4K, and full-HD (1080p)videos, including the option of High Dynamic Range (HDR). Note 20 Ultra has an available memory card slot option, while the internal memory ranges from 128GB to 512GB -depending on your choice.

2. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

If your phone budget isn’t an issue and size matters to you, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is for you. Released in January 2021 to a host of positive reviews, the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the best Android smartphone to buy this year. The phone has the best specifications you can find in an Android phone including the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor and features that support the S Pen styluses.

The S21 Ultra has a 120Hz refresh rate for its 6.8-inch, 1440×3200 4K display which makes gaming and videos appear crystal clear. Its hardware consists of an aluminum frame, a glass front, and a glass back whilst being dust and water-resistant (up to 30mins). S21 Ultra has a camera setup that bests that of the iPhone 12 Pro Max in some cases. It possesses four cameras (one 108-megapixel wide camera, one 10-megapixel 240mm periscope telephoto, one 10-megapixel 70mm telephoto, and a 12-megapixel ultrawide camera), as well as the option to record 8K, 4K, 1080p, 720p, and HDR10+ videos.

1. Apple iPhone 12

Apple might have three other variations of the iPhone 12 in the mini version, Pro version, and Pro Max version but none offers value more money than the iPhone 12. It possesses the same physical design, same 5G support, same camera specifications (except the telephoto camera), same processor, same Face IF system, and other similar features as the more pricy iPhone 12 Pro.

At a size of 6.1 inches, the iPhone 12 provides a screen good enough for gaming and watching videos, whilst its ability to fit easily in your hands and pockets is a positive. It also has a scratch-resistant ceramic glass screen with 1170×2532 resolution and a Dolby Vision display. The iPhone 12 is a dust/water-resistant smartphone with the usual lack of memory slot prominent in iPhones, but the internal memory options range from 128GB to 512GB.

The Apple iPhone 12 has a quad back camera arrangement (one wide, one telephoto, one ultrawide, all with megapixel, and a TOF 3D LiDAR depth scanner), along with a 12-megapixel selfie camera, and can also record 4K videos.

Honorable mentions

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

Apple iPhone 12 Pro

One Plus 8 Pro

Oppo Find X2 Pro

iPhone 12 Mini





Control Your Home With an App

Our homes are getting smarter, which is why so much of what we do around the home can actually be controlled with many apps that make life much easier. We live in the ear of smartphones, and for better or for worse, our homes have got smarter as well. That isn't necessarily a bad thing either, and you can use apps to adjust the temperature down to a degree, monitor humidity, check for gas leaks, switch appliances on and off to conserve energy and even use an app to bolster the security of your home.

Is Controlling Your Home Remotely a Good Idea?

Naturally, every big leap in technology comes with a bit of skepticism. After all, aren't you concerned that ill-meaning parties can target your home? That used to be a concern, but through rigorous development, the best brands have been able to make sure that you can stay connected with your home without anyone snooping on you.  Security is one of the main focuses today, and that naturally explains why brands that want to make your home smarter are also investing in rigorous security. Because of the scrutiny that goes into these appliances and home sensors, controlling your home is not only a smart idea these days – it's a very convenient choice. There are certain upsides to this as well, including:

  • Switching on an appliance just as you arrive
  • Keeping a closer watch on things at home while you are gone
  • Conserving energy by switching off appliances

All of these are just some of the upsides you can benefit from when it comes to controlling your home remotely. You will find many upsides to doing so, but let's circle back to security.

Home Security Apps

To guarantee the safety of your home, you want to always have access to the most reliable apps there are. These apps have to be trusted, with a clean track record and consumers and experts' backing. If you are looking for the top home security apps, you will definitely do well to do a bit of research first. What type of research? There are several key aspects you should look into, including:

  • User ratings
  • What do experts say
  • Previous security breaches (if any)
  • Overall cost and functionality

Without any doubt, you want security to be the first thing you get. Even if you have to sacrifice some functionality, we always recommend sticking with the most reliable apps there are. This way, you know that you are being protected and that you can control your home remotely and even keep an eye on your children or pets.  The safest apps can often come with a few options less, but this is all to ensure that there are no security breaches. We recommend sticking to only one security app, too, as overwriting different apps may create vulnerability breaches.

Practical and Smart Uses of Remote Control

Now, some people see remote control as a bit of a frill. Why bother with it if you can do things mechanically. Put this way, you can save yourself some time from doing pretty much anything around the home, and that is some great news.  You can start your vehicle remotely, open the garage door, start the oven, switch on the boiler so that you can get hot water when you get up or come back from work, and myriad little things that cumulatively just add up. You will be shaving off a few minutes from daily chores just like that and not have to sit idly through lapses of time.

remote control apps

Saving time is evidently a big plus to controlling your home remotely, and many people are looking into ways to do it so that they also enjoy a few more minutes in their day. Besides, it's through controlling your home remotely that you can truly achieve the best synergies in terms of energy efficiency and how much you consume.  Sensors in your home will allow you to get a very accurate read of temperature, humidity, energy consumption and more. These things are important when it comes to an understanding how to best calibrate your consumption and what energy needs you to have as an individual or a household.  Of course, you can factor in the environmental impact your home has on the world, and if you want to, do something about it to reduce it. All through the use of smart apps that not just help you control your home – they also make it easy to economize!

Mobile App Development Trends To Watch Out For

The mobile app development market is increasing at a fast rate, and every day you get to see a new path to innovation. As a result of technological advancement and the increasing customer demands, businesses are involving themselves in the mobile app market and generating a high revenue out of it.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the leading trends in the mobile app space. Soon, we can expect to see AI-assisted voice translations, cameras, and more. Some of the upcoming implementations of Artificial intelligence are voice translations, language translations, app authentication, predicting user behavior, and more.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are also terms we come across often. We can expect the implementation of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to have a revolutionary effect on the gaming, retail, healthcare, education, and tourism businesses more than anywhere else. Healthtech, travel, and retail platforms are sure to make an immense utilization of AR and VR in their processes. Many online casinos are even facilitating teen patti cash game using AR.

Mobile Wallets

All of us have seen the convenience of mobile wallets. When carrying a pocket full of cash becomes an issue for the people, mobile wallets came to the rescue. The convenience of mobile wallets has taken the mobile development trends to a whole new level. Some future trends in mobile wallets are in NFC and RFID-based payments, audio-based mobile wallets, and more.

Better App Security

The newest mobile development trends have taken app security more seriously. The mobile development trend has been in the industry for quite a while now. However, this is such a field that requires constant updating. Many companies are trying to delve into the industry of mobile app security systems and technologies. Avoiding security risks and securing app usage is the actual purpose of this trend. 

Integration of Cloud Computing

Cloud storage has seen a rising trend not just in the workspace but also in mobile app development. Cloud integration can help developers create mobile apps with ease and users to use them without installing them on their devices.

Predictive Analysis

Assisted by Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and different data sources can help build mobile apps with the utilization of the behavioral trends of customers. Understanding the user behavior can help app developers and business owners to curate the app as per the user requirements. Predictive analysis can help improve the quality and nature of mobile Apps.


Almost every company is using chatbots to make their customer service process automated. These chatbots are designed in such a way that they can handle most of the common queries and issues faced by customers across a platform. Chatbots are gaining popularity quite fast in the present day. 

Mobile E-commerce Functionality

If you have a mobile app that can drive sales, you might as well leverage it to generate revenue. The present trend in mobile app development has seen several mobile app-based businesses leverage it. You must build an app with the latest technology and trends and develop an app that meets customer requirements and competes with the eCommerce giants. 

Wearable Devices

Smartwatches, fitness bands, and trackers are the talk of the generation. As the market for smartwatches and fitness trackers rises, the need to incorporate the latest trends in building apps connected with these wearable devices becomes extremely important. It is expected that these mobile wearables will be so powerful in the coming days that one will download several apps from them directly.

Internet of things (IoT)

Internet of things is a well-known concept. It is the idea of creating a network between the devices connected to the internet. Smart Home technology has been benefited the best from IoT in the recent past. Expect the IoT market to reach around $225 billion in the next couple of years. The latest mobile development trends have shown a high impact on the health sector, automobile industry, and technological home improvements. 

The market of mobile app development is constantly changing. To stay ahead of your competition by creating a mobile app that is easy to use, simple, and convenient for the users makes it more acceptable to society. One can make use of the predictive analysis tools to understand the behavioral patterns and customer requirements. Following these trends, the newer versions of apps need to be created to make the maximum out of it. AI, ML, AR, VR, Cloud Computing, and IoT are some of the technologies being used to improve the functionality of products.

How To Market Your Mobile App?

What is more challenging than creating a compelling app is introducing the app to the world and market it. If the app is not marketed to the target audience, it is sure to get lost with the tones of apps launched already.

Marketing a mobile app helps it reach its target audience securely and guides it across the different stages in the sales funnel. A mobile app that is marketed appropriately will help in driving user engagement and drives its long-term success.

mobile app marketing

Marketing Of The Mobile App – Step By Step Guide:

The success of a business relies on grabbing the attention of smartphone users and get them to use the mobile app. For instance, if you want to create an app for the best mobile casinos, it is essential to create a compelling enough and market it well to reach out to the target players.

It is mandatory to spread the word about it, and the steps in marketing the mobile app are as follows.

Creating Awareness About The App

Before launching the app, it is a good practice to create some awareness and curiosity among the audience about the app. It makes your brand more visible and gains a clear understanding of the brand’s positioning. The following steps should be taken in the effort to creating awareness of the app.

  • Schedule a launch date

This helps render enough time for the audience to prepare for your app and help build their anticipation.

  • Understand the market

 Perform thorough market research to understand the rivals in the app category. If there are strong market players in the app category, you may have to further push your marketing efforts.

  • Create user personas

The ultimate aim of the app awareness stage is to identify the targets of the app. Collect the demographics, background, interests, mobile preferences of the target audience, which forms the foundation to customizing the app according to the tastes and needs of the target.

  • Create a website or landing page

The primary source of app installs is the mobile website. And having a credible website is the best way to do some SEO and to build domain authority.

  • Promote the app on social media

 The social media platforms help enhance the app's web presence and help the brand communicate with the target audience better.

Marketing Or App Acquisition Stage

This is the most important stage of the app marketing process, and it is essential to use many creative methods to refine the marketing strategy. The first week of the app launch should have as many downloads as possible to make it rank high on the App Store results. Other promising strategies that can be used to acquire more users for the brand are:

  • Paid promotions

After the app is launched, ads can be run on social platforms, as they are extremely beneficial in acquiring more users. Choose social platforms depending on the demographics of the target.

  • Optimizing the play/app store

Optimizing the app store page to seek higher ranks in the search results will help with its higher conversion rate. The better is the rank of an app, the more is its visibility to its users. When visibility increases, it will result in more downloads. In order to optimize the app page:

  • Use a title with optimal keywords,
  • Place the keywords strategically throughout the listing,
  • List the benefits that the user will reap from the app through videos and screenshots.
  • Target the local audience

Consumer Retention

This is perhaps the most important step of mobile app marketing. Many people put all their efforts into advertising and installing the app, but they will not be much bothered about the retention of the consumer. Acquiring end-users is not enough alone, what matters is making people actually use the app, which will yield some business. The next most crucial step with app marketing is converting the customers into long-term users, and this can be accomplished in these two ways.

  • Communication

You have to establish two-way communication with the end consumer through in-app messages. Communication through messages can pertain to version upgrades, app issues, payment-related information, etc. But before sending messages, it is important to segment the audience to make sure that the sent messages are valuable for them.

  • Push Notifications

These are known to improve user retention to about 88%. And if the app has a higher retention rate, then it has a high chance of ranking top in the app store. 

Bottom Line

To reap continuous success after marketing the app, ask the end-users for feedback to have a positive review on the app, offers them referral bonus and conduct burst campaigns to have higher app store ranks.