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Beautiful Widgets is the ideal application to make your Android device look like you. With over 3000 themes, Beautiful Widgets offers the largest choice for Android customization. The app provides a set of totally customizable widgets to put on your home screen. Always be aware of the weather, display the time and alarms, use the switches to enable and disable features on your phone or launch your favorite applications through shortcuts. In addition to giving a unique look matching your taste, widgets provide many essential features.

Widgets for everything

The app provides access to a lot of widgets of all sizes and colors, from very small (1×1) to very large (6×4) specially designed for tablets. Find the themes you enjoy to customize the display, the hour and the next alarm. Use the Weather widget to view the forecast for the next days. The battery widgets display the power status of your device and the switch widgets allow you to quickly turn on and off features of your phone (vibration, wifi, bluetooth etc..).

Weather everywhere

With widgets, you can see the weather in a quick glance at your home screen but you can also find this information in the notifications, on your lockscreen and even in your screen saver when your device is placed on a dock. From all these places you access complete weather screens with the hourly or daily forecasts.

Become part of the community

Beautiful Widgets allows you to show your talent and our theme store is open to all your creations! Take part in the Beautiful Widgets experience by creating your own themes and sharing them with all users of the app. Help us continuously improve the application by participating in the beta program and suggest us new features.

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