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Plume 2.15 available for all!

Today we released our latest bugfixes for Plume, which will make people happy as it properly fix the position saving! The update is available in the Android Market, AndroidPit and Applibs. Testers does not need to upgrade because it is the same build.

2.15 – 25th January 2011
– fix the Mark As Spam button
– fix the Show Replies results
– fix some position saving/restore issues
– fix the display message when following a user from a profile
– fix a crash when the picture cache backup is corrupted
– better handling of invalid twitter account profile display

Our Website has Level Up!

It was time to bring on a new website, the old one was feeling rather old, and honestly I could not handle Drupal anymore. So this time we are giving a time to WordPress, so far it is really excellent. I will try to fill this blog from time to time, and will use it to announce new releases and discuss about things we like.

I already want to apologize for the English we produce, but hey, we are French, and everyone know that we are not good at english! Stay tuned, today we are going to announce a new release! I have to admit, this is not faire, lot of people, especially our beloved beta testers know what it is!