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Our new app : Quad Drawer, the quickest app drawer

If you are following us for a long time, you should know our love for our existing apps and how we care to improve them. Today, with our new app, we would like to offer an innovative approach on Android user experience.

LevelUp Studio is proud to introduce you Quad Drawer, the quickest app drawer for Android.

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We started with a simple analysis, everyday we are losing time by searching our apps on our devices. Our goal is to reduce this wasted time.

To achieve our objectives, Quad offers many useful features. Continue reading

Beautiful Widgets goes 5.1

Lot of things have changed since the brand new version of Beautiful Widgets. And we are continuously working to improve your application.

This update brings new features and improvements. Among those new features, we are proud to announce that you’ll be able to choose another weather provider. You willl have now the option to choose between AccuWeatherand Weather Underground. This way, you’ll be able to use the provider that suits you better. Continue reading

BlobTrotters Game Preview

Some weeks ago, we presented you some sketchs of our next game. BlobTrotters is a crowd control game. You’ll have to use different powers to leads the blobs through the end of each levels. Today, we are proud to present you a complete level of BlobTrotters in action. Hope you’ll enjoy this vidéo ! We’ll be pleased to read your comments on our Facebook or Google+ pages.

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Beautiful Widgets 5.0 Preview!

We know we have been quiet recently on the Beautiful Widgets side, as our last update in the Play Store is from September. After teasing a little bit,  today it is time to reveal our work for the 5.0 major update. It has been rewritten almost from scratch and we are working on it since many months, the application has totally been revamped and the configuration is way easier  to use with integrated previewing of what you are changing. Of course we have screenshots for you, and you can have a look at the new logo!

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Beautiful Widgets unveils new features

Today, we want to show you more about the new Beautiful Widgets !

One of the new feature that we particulary love is the new way to set your favorite locations on your clocks. As usual, you’ll be able to enter your location manually or use the geolocation, but it will be possible to use the Google map, zoom on your location and just tap the name of the city you want to add in your list. Continue reading

New Game Project

Besides Beautiful Widgets, Plume or Peti, our proud and brave developers are actually working on a new exciting game.
This is the time for us to give you a first look on this future game environment. So here’s – drumroll – the first secret project sketch !