Touiteur 2.0 is available!

After two months of work, we are proud to present the latest version of our Twitter client, Touiteur 2.0! Many people requested features has been added such as new beautiful scrollable widgets, swipe navigation, the ability to mute users/words/clients, an integrated picture viewer, and much more!

LevelUp Studio is commited to provide you with one of the best mobile twitter client available and will continue to forge its reputation by releasing new versions with new features at an incredible rate, and listen to people in order to provide the best user interface and experience possible on mobile. Remember to suggest and vote for the upcoming feature here.

We also made the decision to provide Touiteur at its full capabilities for free! With the help of our new partner 140 Proof, we have placed very interesting promoted content at the top of your timeline. Ads? Not a simple advertisement, but more a promoted content coming from a real tweet from a real Twitter user, where you can reply, favorite, retweet or just read. Touiteur Premium users will continue to benefit the full features, but with an ad free experience.

We would like to thank the testers and the translators for their help!

– New widgets! Scrollable with compatible homes, added post widgets 2×1, 4×4, 4×3, 4×2.

– add better swipe navigation between columns (Android 2.0 and above)
– add in-app image previews (Premium/ads only)
– add a mute for users/specific text
– add advertisement for users without Touiteur Premium
– add a 4th columns to handle list/search/favorites/conversations
– the refresh in search view keeps your previous position (for live tweeting)
– show if a user is following us in the profile
– show if a user is verified in the profile
– show replies to a tweet
– store the uploaded pictures in the gallery
– show native retweets of your tweets in mentions (off by default)
– show a tiny avatar of the person doing a retweet
– add the possibility to change your profile bio/location
– fix make sure we always reply to the actual sender of a message
– fix native retweet in profile view should remain in that view
– fix handling of avatar with Unicode chars in the URL
– do the cache clearing in a thread so that the UI is still responding
– display all the favorites, not just the last 20
– long press on the hardware search button is now allowed and not blocked anymore
– added Czech, Norwegian and Brazilian translations
– Android 2.3 Gingerbread ready
– So much more!
– Thanks to all the beta testers
– Thanks to all the translators :
adek (pl),
alexherrero (es),
Anfuehrer (de),
Christian Brüggemann (de),
CwMbest (de),
Daniel Secco (pt-BR)
Daniele (it),
dirks (de),
dxnm (jp),
Eljo (nl),
franipfp (es),
Gerard Greve (nl),
GoddessAmaterasu (jp),
Gourenko Alex (ru),
Gvnn (it),
Gwystyl (de, nl),
hayden1987 (jp),
heartinpiece (ko),
HellbillyDeluxe (de),
Hwijung (ko),
Jaesung (ko),
Lvwind Shaw (cn),
Maksim Burak (ru),
Martin “Case” Fiala (cs),
Michael Pankov (ru),
MobileGeek (it),
mustatommi (it),
norifuku (jp),
Pierre Duchemin(fr),
ricki19 (pt-PT),
RinTinTigger (de),
Roman Romanov (ru),
Steeffoon (nl),
SylvainThrd (fr),
Vegard (no),
Xajek (de)

17 thoughts on “Touiteur 2.0 is available!

  1. Love the new version! It’s the first program I install on any Android phone! Well worth the $$! Thanks again.

  2. Congrats on the release!

    I’m using 2.0 premium. I can’t figure out how to enable or take advantage of “in-app image previews”. Inline image previews already existed and that’s the closest thing I can find. I combed the settings multiple times.

    I’m using CM6.1 on an Evo. Downloaded the updated apk from

    What am I missing?

  3. Great release. The swypping action to move throught the windows is brilliant. Will be fine if you add a option to update like the official twitter client, swypping from the top.


  4. Sorry, but this is very buggy version, when timeline is updating on my HTC Desire the whole program is freezing. The interface is much slower, than in many others Twitter programs. When Touiteur updating native retweets it’s takes a lot of time. I’m very disapointed about this update and I hope you will fix it as soon as it posible.

  5. Taras,

    The native retweets definitely slow down the app. Until the dev fixes the problem, you could uncheck the native retweets box in the settings.

  6. I love this app so much, not just because it’s so pretty. However, I do hope there would be an added feature like filtering retweets from showing up. Sometimes, people retweet way too many times and way too much to tolerate. Muting them is not an option because when they don’t retweet, they actually make sense.

  7. I’ve got some feedback about the widget of Touiteur Premium. When you send a new tweet out, from the widget, you have to manually reload the widget to see your own tweet in the list. It would be great if it automatically refreshes when you’ve sent a tweet out. I hope this can be added with an update.

  8. Surprised nobody is mentioning that the widget is broke. It goes blank all the time and you have to enter the app and exit it for the widget to show tweets again. Extremely frustrating. Pray the dev is aware and working on this as it breaks the apps purpose for me.

  9. This App. is great. Is there any way to port it over to the Macintosh OS X system? I use my Android phone and Touiteur to reply and tweet even when I am using my laptop or tower unit. This is a wonderful piece of coding. Please consider expanding its user base.

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