Plume is updated, and optimized for tablets

After a lot of work and weeks of work engaged in porting Plume to tablet along with Android 3.0, we finally arrived at a state where it was possible to do a first public release after the beta phase. We are proud to announce that Plume is the first fully featured Twitter client for Android that has been ported to Android 3.0 with an interface especially designed for tablets! Also we managed to keep Plume compatible with all devices starting from Android 1.5 up to Android 3.0 and more. Plume 2.5 has been released and is available to all Android users for free! Changes:

2.50 – 10th May 2011
– better use of HoneyComb UI features with an interface optimized for tablets
– replace plixi URLs with lockerz ones
– remove outdated support for Plixi/Lockerz/TweetPhoto listing
– add an option to hide avatars from the timeline to save space
– add a “dark” theme alongside the “light” theme
– Ability to load and save searches
– Default zoom on the internal browser to behave like the android browser
– Internal browser now clear its cache when Plume is exiting
– Internal browser small others improvements
– Tons of other bugfixes and small improvements

Please note that Twitpic upload will be fixed soon, it is a problem with their SSL certificate (we are one of the rare clients to use SSL with them) and they are waiting for a new one.