Our new app : Quad Drawer, the quickest app drawer

If you are following us for a long time, you should know our love for our existing apps and how we care to improve them. Today, with our new app, we would like to offer an innovative approach on Android user experience.

LevelUp Studio is proud to introduce you Quad Drawer, the quickest app drawer for Android.

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We started with a simple analysis, everyday we are losing time by searching our apps on our devices. Our goal is to reduce this wasted time.

To achieve our objectives, Quad offers many useful features.


If the alphabetic sort of your apps is the main approach, it does not suit to every situations. We would like to offer an alternative which we think correspond to a recurrent usage of an Android device :

  • Most used (by default)

  • Recents

  • Alphabetical

  • Last installed

Sot apps

Predictive Keyboard

The ability to sort the apps is the first improvement, but there may be a lot of apps in the list.. We offer a performing search based on the app’s names with an easy to use predictive keyboard. Just type a few letters of your app name and it will be brought to your quickly. Quad Drawer learns from your use and, very quickly, your favorites apps will be shown in priority.

Predictive Keyboard

The floating window

These features highly improve the app’s launches, but you may not want to return on your homescreen to start your favorite app drawer ? For that, we integrated a floating window. Available from its floating icon, you will be able to access Quad Drawer from everywhere on your Android device.

Foating window


Even more than these features, we added others for the users to be able to personalize their app to fit their system and their user preferences :

  • a dark and light theme

  • a display by grid or list

  • a counter for apps launches

We invite you as soon as possible to download Quad Drawer on Google Play Store.


We are very happy to introduce you our last product, and we know that a good app has to be developed with its users. So, it’s with pleasure that we invite you to participate to our continuous improvement by joining the dedicated community on Google+.