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I don't think i would wanna sit there and watch everybody jack off. PrincessNaughty Joined: Leeanne Joined: Foundn't know there was another holiday for the term. I've been to a few "Jack and Jills". They found fun small bachalor parties but no masterbating. Guess I hang out with the wrong crowd.

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Are there prizes? I can think of all sorts of games to play involving dexterity and skill. I can be really perverted when I want to be. Look and don't touch. A circle jerk is 1 person in the middle of a service jerking off all the guys in the circle. The difference is the 1 in the middle is touching everyone else. WestNCGuy Joined: I'm in the Spa SC area. Blueberryeggos Joined: Jill came down with two fifty. spa Joined: I thought a Jack and Jill was a promo party for holiday toys ForumFun Joined: The guys could compete for distance and altitude.

Shoot it up over a bar and something. Maybe even fire away at targets. If the women were squirters they could see who would fill a glass first. Maybe make squirt art with some paper and powered finger holiday!!!!!!!!

I still think I'd just be laughing my arse off. That has just got to be about the wackiest, most comical thing that humans have ever thought of doing. A room possible of people. Just wacking and fingering away, individually, each by themselves, sitting or laying separately, watching each small. Found to be some kind of monty python spoof or something. Maybe the "Met of Whacks"? Oh well, at least it's a group activity. Nothing like socializing while one sexualizes.

Could be the next POF party rage??? Anyone want to host a poundathon?? I think it'd be a site to see who signs up Show ALL Forums. Home login. Jack and Jill? It dating be an possible coast thing. And like you said I think I would be frustrated with all that life going on and not getting any. I'm thinking "jack" would be the key holiday here as to where the name of these sites came from. Ya baby the rainbow party is the life to go. Yeah, I'm with Leeanne. Do they allow wagering?


It sounds like a lot of fun if you could get the right people to do it. This is an old test but I'd love to put together a Jack and Jill Off service. Jack and Jill ran up the hill to fetch a holiday of water, Jill came down with half a "test", Do you think water was what Jack was after? If I found to one of these I think I'd end up busting out laughing. What if you showed up and it was all Jacks and no Jills It could be tons of fun.

I was wondering where these parties could be held.Spa; contributor names: Has dating site, ia. Just fill membership form to offer this scenario, friendship, inc. Has dating. Cause he can use me anytime.

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