Beautiful Widgets in free version as well

BWF logoAfter spending more than 3 years in the top 10 paid apps on Google Play™ Store, our grown up baby, Beautiful Widgets, is now available in a free flavor as well.

Weather & Widgets on demand


We think that all our users don’t necessarily want exactly the same things. Some of them want to know only the weather of the place where they are, others are interested on several places, some are focused on timezones and so on. That’s why we worked on the idea of weather and widgets on demand and we decomposed Beautiful Widgets in features.

For free, you’ll have a basic version of the app in which you’ll be able to pick only the features you want. Thus, by in-app purchases, you’ll be able to compose the Beautiful Widgets which fits you the best.

To keep things simple, we grouped features in packs but if needed you’ll be able to buy them individually as well. And if the free version convinced you, you’ll be able to unlock the whole app once for all.

In-app purchases yes, but for free !

 We worked with our partner Getjar who provides us Getjar Gold, a virtual currency you can use in Beautiful Widgets.

Obtaining Gold is really easy and totally free. All you need is to install with Google Play™ Store new free apps recommended by Getjar. So, it’s a very simple, free and secure way to try out new apps and accumulate virtual currency in the same time.

Plus, Gold earned thanks to Beautiful Widgets can be spent in other apps or games using Getjar. And for those who don’t want to use Getjar Gold, regular Google Play™ Store in-app purchase is also available.

Widgets for the whole family

Okay, but I’ve already bought Beautiful Widgets Pro?

We renamed the paid version “Beautiful Widgets Pro” in order to avoid confusion. For the hundreds thousands of users who have already chose the paid version of Beautiful Widgets Pro nothing will change. For us, Beautiful Widgets is and will remain one single product. Both version, paid and free, will progress together. If you are a Beautiful Widgets Pro user or if you bought the whole app by in-app purchases, you’ll continue to get all future Beautiful Widgets improvements.