Beautiful Widgets 5.0 Preview!

We know we have been quiet recently on the Beautiful Widgets side, as our last update in the Play Store is from September. After teasing a little bit,  today it is time to reveal our work for the 5.0 major update. It has been rewritten almost from scratch and we are working on it since many months, the application has totally been revamped and the configuration is way easier  to use with integrated previewing of what you are changing. Of course we have screenshots for you, and you can have a look at the new logo!


The first time you will start Beautiful Widgets 5.0, you are going to be welcomed, because we love you and we are committed to keep you happy while using the application. After all you are everything to us since we cannot exist without you. At first this screen is just providing hints about how to use Beautiful Widgets, but in the future we are going to use that space to display featured themes, or show our other works.



We know that Beautiful Widget’s users loves to have information about weather. The New Forecast screen has been designed to fullfill all the requests we are receiving regularly.

As you can see on the screenshots, the Forecast Screen has been totally redesign but not only. You can access the fly menu and you’ll have access to others information like Hours, Moon Phases. In future updates, we’ll plan to add new features, but it’s a surprise!

You can also browse between your different Weather Location and add new ones (using the new Pick location option that allow you to use Google Maps).

From this panel, you can also get in your Widget Configuration or Weather Configuration. Make new adjustement for your widgets has never been so easy.



Setting up a widget should be simple, and we have always been thinking that you should configure and watch the results instantly. This is finally the case with a real time preview of your widget.


Built for the future

This upcoming version if not only a total revamp of the original Beautiful Widgets, but it’s like starting a new life. The 5.0 is now a strong base for fast evolutions of Beautiful Widgets, we are going to improve it very aggressively and we have a lot of

surprises coming in the future.

Please have a look at the gallery, you will notice the changes with the old versions of the Themes Store, also check our Daydream (a screensaver mode for Android Jelly Bean 4.2) and rich notifications implementations.


Coming Soon!

Hey, this was just a quick preview so you can feel the taste of the new version. We are still working hard on finishing the application and it will be released in a few weeks. No worries, we are not like a few developers that promise but do not deliver 🙂


Beautiful Widgets is on sale right now in the Play Store, you can purchase it at a low price and be eligible to the 5.0 update, so hurry before it ends!