Beautiful Widgets 3.5: Honeycomb and Moon phases

Beautiful Widgets on a Xoom

We a proud to announce that after a whole month of work, we were able to port Beautiful Widgets successfully on Android 3.0 alias Honeycomb! It required a lot of changes in order to support the new API, fortunately Google helped a bit with their library to support what we call “Fragments” even on older Android devices. Fragments are portions of the user interface that can be reused and it now the new standard in developing for Android.

The challenge was mainly to be able to support the new Android tablet while not breaking the user experience on smaller devices, and as we wanted to also please them, we added a few new features so everyone can benefit of the new version! That was the occasion to add a feature requested since a long time: moon phases. Not only we added the current phase, but you can now also know when and what are the next phases.

Moon phases

We also added a lot of small features and optimizations, most of you might not even notice them, but the most important is the ability to change the date format, or to sort the skin list without doing another query on the server. A lot of bug have been squashed.

We sincerely hope that you will love this new release, we keep improving Beautiful Widgets since the first release 20 months ago.

Unfortunately we had to remove Android 1.5 support, which was mandatory in order to move forward…

3.5 – 11th Apr 2011

– Full Support for Tablets with Android 3.0 (Honeycomb)
– Added moon phases (current and the next phases) in the forecast window (under Menu)
– Added multiples date format for the Super Clock
– Added a 4×3 Super Clock, mostly designed for Tablets
– It is not required to configure the widget anymore when inserting it
– 24 Hours/12 Hours modes and C°/F° modes are now detected at the first launch
– Fixed the weather network layers freezing the device when updating
– Fixed force close with Live Wallpaper and sunrise/sunset calculation
– Live wallpaper sensor orientation fixed for Honeycomb devices
– Sorting skins is now done locally instead of doing it from the server, which result in faster operations and less load on the server
– Android 1.5 support had to be removed to support newer Android versions. Android 1.5 users should not install future updates.
– Fixed support for Polish font encoding and Google Weather
– Japan is using Accuweather by default
– Lot of other bugfixes and optimizations
– Reduced this changelog so it does not crash with Cyanogen 7 final when displayed

PS: We are also actively working on Plume!

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